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Indexed Annuity Overview

indexed annuity overview

Beginners guide to indexed annuities. This guide covers the basics of indexed annuity features, benefits, definitions and common indexed annuity terms.

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Indexed Annuity Features

Indexed annuity features

Indexed Annuities all have common features which distinguish them from all other types of annuities. Features such as an indexed rate of return.

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Indexed Annuity Performance

Indexed Annuity Performance

Indexed Annuities often out perform other types of annuities, such as fixed or immediate, because the rate of return is linked to market returns of the S & P 500 or other indices.

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Best Indexed Annuities

Finding The Best Indexed Annuities

The best Indexed Annuity will mean different things to different investors. It is important to understand the main factors to consider when choosing an indexed annuity.

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indexed annuity disadvantages

Indexed Annuity Disadvantages

Indexed annuities have many advantages, however there are also disadvantages. The most common disadvantages include lack of a guaranteed rate.

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Fixed Annuity Hazards

Indexed Annuity Hazards

There are many hazards to avoid when considering an indexed annuity, such as terms that can change throughout the contract and longer term surrender charges.

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indexed annuity alternatives

Indexed Annuity Alternatives

There's no shortage of index annuity alternatives, from fixed annuities to stocks when it comes to retirement savings, and you'll want to examine all your options.

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