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Brighthouse Secure Advantage - Webinar Replay

Host : Colin MacDonald

Category : Product Overview

Date : 12 February, 2020

Topic : Brighthouse Annuity

Length : 20 Mins

Tags : annuities, fixed indexed annuities

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About this Webinar

This is a replay of a webinar hosted by All Things Annuity President, Colin MacDonald. The topic for this webinar was "Brighthouse Secure Advantage." Colin covers a new annuity available from Brighthouse Finacial. The secure Advantage is a 6 year fixed indexed annuity with new, inovative features.

Overview of The Secure Advantage Annuity

A Brighthouse SecureAdvantage 6-Year Fixed Index Annuity offers 100% protection for your purchase payment against market downturns. It features Index Accounts – including innovative Annual Sum Index Accounts – that provide growth opportunities linked to two well-known market indices.

What’s more, it offers access to a portion of your money each year2 should the need arise, and a death benefit that keeps pace with your selected Index Accounts. SecureAdvantage 6-Year is designed to provide the protection, growthopportunity, and clarity you need.

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