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Annuity Pros & Cons - Webinar Replay

Host : Colin MacDonald

Category : Basics of Annuities

Date : 14 November, 2019

Topic : Annuity Pros & Cons

Length : 28 Mins

Tags : annuities, fixed indexed annuities

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About this Webinar

This is a replay of a webinar hosted by All Things Annuity President, Colin MacDonald. The topic for this webinar was "Annuity Pros & Cons." Colin covers the basic featues of annuities, the pros and cons to purchasing an annuity, how and when they fit into a retirement plan, and what to aviod before buying an annuity.

Overview of Annuity Pros & Cons

The most effective way to find the best fixed annuities is by following a few simple guidelines. These really shouldn't be mind-blowing concepts, but missing just one of them can make a significant difference in the type of contract you end up with. Annuities are not created equal; nor are annuity companies. You need to do your research before you commit to any one contract type. Annuities are hard enough to get out of once you invest; you don't need the added pressure of buying a contract that doesn't make sense for your unique needs.

The most important part of buying an annuity and finding the best fixed annuity contract is by simply understanding the basic principles of the contract. If you don't understand annuities, you'll never know whether the product is good or not. If you need additional help, have annuities explained to you in a way that makes them easy.

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