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West Virginia Office of the Insurance Commissioner

The Offices of the Insurance Commissioner offers a variety of services for both the consumer and the insurance industry to ensure that quality coverage exists throughout the state. Offices of the Insurance Commissioner staff monitor, regulate and license agents as well as agencies and insurance companies. Assistance is also provided for consumers who have problems and questions.

The mission of the West Virginia Insurance Commissioner is to educate consumers about insurance with the belief that the better people understand which types of insurance fulfill their needs and the more confident they will feel with theirr insurance related decisions.

Believing it is essential that a healthy, competitive insurance industry be accessible to all West Virginians, the Insurance Commissioner’s primary goal is to make certain that the insurance industry in West Virginia provides excellent service to consumers, as well as increasing the number of quality insurance companies offering products throughout the state.


Michael D. Riley has served as West Virginia Insurance Commissioner since July 1, 2011.  In addition to his responsibilities as Insurance Commissioner, Mr. Riley serves on multiple National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Committees.
As West Virginia Insurance Commissioner, Mr. Riley is responsible for the regulation of the insurance market, as well as the protection of insurance consumers.  Commissioner Riley’s work was instrumental in the transition of the West Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission from a state monopolistic system to a competitive private system.  Commissioner Riley’s responsibilities include the administration of the “Legacy” Workers’ Compensation claims and employer compliance with West Virginia Workers’ Compensation laws.  

Prior to his appointment as West Virginia Insurance Commissioner, Mr. Riley served as the Assistant Commissioner of Regulation.  Mr. Riley has served the West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner since 2001.  

Mr. Riley earned a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Marshall University.

West Virginia Annuity Resources: The Consumer Advocate is mandated to advocate for, and protect, the interest of the West Virginia consumers. The Office of Consumer Advocacy was created July 1, 1991. The West Virginia Legislature authorized the director of the Division to participate as an advocate for the public interest and the interests of insurance consumers in state and federal courts, before administrative agencies, or before the Health Care Authority.

Capital: Charleston
State Commissioner: Michael D. Riley
Insurance Hotline: 304-558-3386
Annuity Guarantee Limit: $250,000
Website: http://www.wvinsurance.gov/default.aspx
Gurantee Assoc: http://www.wvlifega.org/

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