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The Ohio Department of Insurance


The Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) is the administrative department that provides consumer protection, education and regulation of the insurance marketplace in the state. ODI has over 200 employees, licenses over 1,600 insurance companies, 21,000 insurance agencies and 212,000 insurance agents in Ohio.





Mary Taylor goal was sworn in as Ohio’s 65th Lieutenant Governor January 10, 2011, the same day, Ohio Governor John R. Kasich named her to serve as director of the Ohio Department of Insurance.

Ohio Annuity Resources:The Consumer Services Division of the Ohio Department of Insurance provides consumer information and investigates complaints involving insurance companies and agents.


Capital: Columbus
State Commissioner: Mary Taylor
Insurance Hotline: 1-800-686-1526
Annuity Guarantee Limit: $250,000
Website: http://www.insurance.ohio.gov/Pages/default.aspx
Guarantee Assoc: http://www.olhiga.org/

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