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The Montana State Auditor, Commissioner of Securities and Insurance (CSI)

The Office of the Montana State Auditor, Commissioner of Securities and Insurance (CSI) is a criminal justice agency that protects Montana’s consumers by ensuring fairness, transparency and access for Montanans in two of Montana’s largest industries — securities and insurance.

They are the state government watchdog of the insurance and securities industries for the citizens of Montana.

The Insurance Department at the Office of the Montana State Auditor regulates the insurance industry in Montana and serves as the official advocate for Montana consumers in disputes with their insurance company.

Their Stated Mission is to protect Monyana citizen's interests and make sure that the insurance industry abides by state law through the regulation of insurance. To ensure insurance companies operate in a fiscally responsible manner. They also place a priority on consumer protection while fostering a strong, competitive marketplace that provides you with choices and access to high-quality, legitimate insurance products.



Some of the Services Provided
  • Examinations
  • Forms
  • Policyholder Services
  • Licensing
  • Rates

Monica J. Lindeen was elected Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, Montana State Auditor in 2008 and re-elected to a second term in November 2012. Monica makes it her mission to protect Montana’s securities and insurance consumers through education, fairness, and transparency. During Monica’s tenure, her office has returned more than $374 million to investors and insurance consumers and fielded tens of thousands of phone calls from Montanans struggling with their insurance companies.

Monica was elected President of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and served in that capacity throughout 2015. She is a strong advocate for states’ rights and believes the state-based regulatory system is superior in serving our consumers and markets.

Montana Annuity Resources: The Commissioner of Securities and Insurance has staff dedicated to helping consumers resolve complaints against insurance companies.  The Commissioner handles most insurance problems involving home, business, auto, health, life, etc. Those problems may include coverage issues, claim disputes, premium problems, sales misrepresentations, policy cancellations, and refunds, just to name a few.  The Commissioner will also investigate all complaints against insurance agents, adjusters and consultants.  If you have questions please call the Commissioner’s office at 800-332-6148.


Capital: Helena
State Commissioner: Monica J. Lindeen
Insurance Hotline:  (800) 332-6148
Annuity Guarantee Limit: $100,000
Website: http://csimt.gov/insurance/
Guarantee Assoc: http://www.mtlifega.org/

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